Rich In History

A Destination Where You Can Enjoy Great Food, Drinks & Atmosphere All Under One Roof.

Donivan's Restaurant was established in 1985 by Marilyn Strommen, Skip Gervias & Les Gervais in honor of their father, Donivan C. Gervias.
Donivan worked on the smelter in the converters for 40 years. He was injured on the smelter in 1971 when a large ladle filled with molten copper broke free from a crane spilling onto break shack where Donivan was resting after working 10 hours straight. The shack in flames, Donivan ran through fire and melted copper to save himself. Co-worker Richard Ehman grabbed a water hose extinguishing the fire engulfing Donivan. Richard's quick thinking saved Donivan's life. After a lengthy recovery Donivan returned to the smelter and retired from the Anaconda company in 1976.
In June of 2015, there was a small fire that led to the remodel of the existing building, including the building to the West where the bar & casino is now. This remodel was the brainchild of Dale & Amy Strommen (son & daughter-in-law of Marilyn & Ed Strommen). With the artistic vision from Master Craftsman, Steve Hamel & other family members, the new Donivan's has emerged with a design that brings to life the history of Anaconda.